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Motor Insurance Rate

Private Car

Cylinder Capacity Comprehensive Third Party
1650 c.c. as below $8600 + 8.4% on value (Min. Charge $1000) $5000
1650 c.c. to 3500 c.c. $9500 + 5.5% on value (Min. Charge $1000) $5000
Over 3500 c.c. $9700 + 5.8% on value (Min. Charge $1000) $5000

Commercial Car

Permitted Gross Vehicle Weight Comprehensive Third Party
1.9 Tonnes to 5.5 Tonnes $10000 + 6.3% on value (Min. Charge $1000) $7400

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# Insurance Type: Comprehensive,Third Party
# Car Type : Private Car, Commercial Car
2) Each Insurance Premium should add 3% Levy Charge. Both are not included.



Sime Managing Ltd.

  • BMW

AXA General Ins HK Ltd.

  • Corr. insurance for VAN


Having Good Credit Can Reduce Your Insurance Costs

Useful online resources for Having Good Credit Can Reduce Your Insurance Costs
Having Good Credit Can Reduce Your Insurance Costs

(PRWEB) January 25, 2005 -- You don"t have any tickets or accidents on your driving record. So it seems like you should qualify for the best rate on your auto insurance, right? Not necessarily.Many insurance companies use your credit history to develop an "insurance score" that can impact your rate.

"The basic concept is that insurance scores have been found to predict the likelihood that you"ll file a claim. It has been found that those who manage their finances responsibly are more likely to drive responsibly as well. It may not seem like the two are related, but the bottom line is that unless you live in one of the few states where it"s not permitted, most insurers will look at your credit report," says company spokesperson Melissa Costa.

De-Commissioning Your Insurance Policy

The only people who may have expressed surprise at these findings were the insurance agents themselves, whose professional organization was shocked -- shocked! -- by what it said were "irresponsible ... unsupported ... misleading and baseless claims" by the consumer group.

In truth, most consumers know their agents are being paid to sell products, but the consumer group says it found special payments that went beyond an ordinary commission. Remember that the point of insurance is to manage your risk. So make sure the policy you are buying is from a company that has a strong rating from an independent rating service

Even more importantly, talk to homeowners or drivers who have had good experiences with their insurers, and follow their leads. If you end up paying a little extra to get a policy from a company that you know will pay up if and when you need it to, that's okay. It's way better than paying a little extra to help your insurance agent "win."


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